And I've got answers..

I'm not a dancer. Can I do these classes?

Absolutely. No experience is needed at all, the classes are designed to help a huge range of people from non-dancers to experienced dancers.

...What if I don't like the class(es)?

Completely fine! If you don’t feel like you were challenged to up your body awareness, didn’t feel more in tune with your body, learn something, feel good about your body or weren't lead through a thoughtful class designed to teach you something about your body then I’ll give you your money back! No class will ever be for everyone. Just email

Do you know what you're doing?

Does anyone? Jokes. I’ve been teaching dance since my early teens, working as a dancer since 15 then had a career-ending injury which meant learning how to walk with different muscles. If anyone can tell you what NOT to do.. It’s me. I’ve devoted a huge chunk of my last 17 years on Earth figuring out how the body works. I’m really passionate about it & can say that I’ve helped enough people to know a thing or two.

Do I need a bunch of equipment?

Nope. A yoga mat/ yoga mat sized space with a kitchen top, tall chair, wall (or a mop/broom) and some socks are usually all you’d ever need for one of my classes. If you need anything else you’ll receive an email detailing it before class. I’m very mindful that people are doing these classes from home!

An extra full size towel wouldn’t be un-handy. A yoga block (/real physical encyclopedia-sized book) big enough to sit on may be helpful for some of the mobilisers.

How long do I have access to videos for?

For a whole series (4/8 x one hour classes), you'll usually have access for 6 months as there will be a LOT of information to process. Single classes will have a 1 month access period. All access will be unlimited during the allocated time.

How can I do class with you?

I’m not always teaching a live series. There are more videos of previous series & classes coming soon. If you're on the email list, you'l be notified of new classes (live and video series). If you'd like to apply for mentoring (1 on 1 classes) you can email

Why can't I download the class?

These classes are my intellectual property (IP), I've spent years accumulating this knowledge and experience as well as hours designing classes and series to be as digestible, applicable and actionable as possible. I'm not comfortable with handing all of this out indefinitely. I also believe that we value things more when we don't think we'll always have them. My classes are designed to be cherished for the time you have access to them. Youuuuuuu're WELCOME!

Help. I'm having issues with payment.

Hmmmm email & we’ll see what we can do.

I'm not 18. Am I allowed?

If you’re not 18 years old, I’m sorry to pull the adult card but your guardian has to read all of this plus the terms & conditions before they give you permission to take any class. I swear occasionally, I have to speak frankly about the body (which some people find offensive) and I cannot always control what happens in live classes.

What charity do you donate to?

Ten percent of profits currently goes to The Embrace Hub which is a global online resource for parents, kids, teachers, coaches (anyone!) run by Taryn Brumfitt and Dr Zali Yager for information, podcasts, even a film about healthy body image for kids & teenagers. I think the work that they do is incredible and I'm so proud to support them.